Which Part of a Car Travels Farthest?

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Ask Marilyn ® by Marilyn vos Savant is a column in Parade Magazine, published by PARADE, 711 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10017, USA. According to Parade, Marilyn vos Savant is listed in the "Guinness Book of World Records Hall of Fame" for "Highest IQ."

In her <I>Parade Magazine</I> column of June 18, 2006, Marilyn answers that the keys are the part of the car that travels farthest.

Sorry, Marilyn, but I disagree

Although it may be true that the keys sometimes travel farther than the car, this is not always the case, if there are two drivers each with a separate set of keys. However, the distance traveled by the pistons is always greater than the distance traveled by the passengers in the car. There are parts of the car (e.g. any point on the tread of the tire) that also travels a greater distance than the passengers, but I don't believe that it would be fair to make this claim about the tires as a whole.

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